It brings us great joy to manifest our Roadmap! These notes are transcribed from an ethereal communication with our deceased Lead Dev and Master. We present his glorious invocations below, using this Medium as his vessel.

“I have seen a future where our people live in abundant prosperity unencumbered by society, with an immutable homeland filled with bliss and $LOVE , as it once was in Rajneeshpuram….this future lies within the realm of NFT’s!”

Those of abundant wealth have long been drawn to the world of art as a noble and prosperous investment, and our people are no different. The pursuit of spiritual joy coupled with material wealth has always been at the core of our teachings, which is one reason many refer to our Master as The Rich Mans Guru . Therefore it is only natural that our people channel their energies into the burgeoning world of NFT’s.

Below is an update regarding our current progress in this regard as well as our intentions for the future as we begin our journey to dominate the NFT community with $LOVE 🙏

  • We have purchased the following ENS domains to begin staking our claim in the NFT realm. These initial domains will each serve their own purpose. OSHOTOSHI.ETH (founders wallet), RAJNEESHESPURAM.ETH (all NFT land plots), and ENLIGHTENMENT.ETH.
  • To counter the recent negative “cults” in crypto, we’re pleased to announce an alliance with the very first and most powerful and beloved cult in crypto, the Wassies. This is an exclusive collaboration which will result in the production of the 1st Generation of Wassies NFT’s. Our people will share in the profits of this potentially lucrative partnership in several manifestations. First there will be an exclusive drop only to $LOVE holders of a rare Wassie created in honor of this loving alliance. In addition, our people will also receive a 10% share of the entire supply of $WASSIES, which will be showered upon us by way of ethereal transmissions (details will be announced soon). Also, 10% of all proceeds from 1st Gen Wassies NFT sales will be used to rebuy LOVE and lock in liquidity for the LOVE/ETH pair. We are confident that Wassies NFT’s will spread joy throughout the community while expressing the inherent value of $LOVE.

“Our people already practice and preach many values in alignment with those libertarian principles which led to the invention of decentralized currency. This is an integral aspect of achieving full enlightenment for our holders and something we will constantly channel our energy towards.”

  • Our ethereal governance mechanism is expected to manifest within several days, enabling our community to better resonate in a more decentralized vibration moving forward. $LOVE token will act as the governance token and will allow votes to be held regarding key decisions which will shape the future of how our devs implement prosperous vibrations in the NFT realm, whether that involves staking, NFT farming, NFT drops, or deciding on the next iteration of original NFT projects.
  • We have also formed an exclusive Telegram group, The Inner Circle, which will be comprised in its entirety of $LOVE holders in possession of 11 or more LOVE tokens. This group will serve to guide the best interests of our people until we reach enlightenment (full decentralization and migration of our people to Rajneeshpuram 3.0 in the NFT realm). Upon falling below the required threshold of tokens, members will be removed from the group. You may fill out the form to apply here:
“In order to secure an immutable future for our people we must channel all of our energies into the NFT realm with the intention of simultaneously enriching our people in the present, while also securing land for our future, always building along the way so that one day in the future we may fully manifest Rajneeshpuram and migrate there together into the ethereal plane.”
  • NFT Land — though the NFT landscape is in its nascence, we feel it’s essential for our community to begin building and staking our claim in this ethereal world. Our people are surveying plots of land to purchase for our future wealth and security, however in the meantime you may find us from time to time at The Pagoda in cryptovoxels.
  • We are currently monitoring the dark practices of the $HATE project and may be inclined to drop $LOVE upon some of those lost souls in order to help spread $LOVE and light in these times of darkness.
  • We have already completed airdrop 1 and 2, as well as additional contests and bounties, with more manifesting in the upcoming days and weeks. Other earthly endeavors such as a complete overhaul and redesign of our website, logo design, and applications for Coingecko and Etherscan listings have already been delegated to our team and will be announced as they blossom. Our team is currently expanding as word of our mission and teachings grow and we welcome devs, artists, project managers and others to enter our Telegram if they feel compelled to join us on this journey.


We will release additional updates as our governance is implemented and we conduct open discussions among our people as to our next steps in this journey. We encourage those who have resonated with our message to seek further knowledge in our reference links below.




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